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We make European style bread that is made the way it has been in Europe for thousands of years. Back in the day before baker's yeast was adopted into modern day baking practices, bread dough had to be naturally cultured and leavened to achieve a rise and texture one would associate with bread.

When yeast started being introduced into baking, it allowed bakers to shorten the production process allowing bread dough to rise much faster, but compromising flavor, nutrition and texture. The other potential problem with yeast is that it can feed and overpopulate the already naturally occurring yeast in the body and lead to yeast overgrowth such as Candida Albicans.

Our bread is able to achieve a natural rise and expansion by a process of culturing our dough with a bacterial based wild starter and allowing it to ferment for 48 hours before baking.

The cultured dough rises and expands when introduced to high heat such as in the baking process. This long culturing process is what allows the bread to take on a wonderful taste and texture.

We are passionate about our bread and hope that you will be too!


Au Naturel

We are a 100% organic bakery located in Kihei, Hawaii, dedicated to serving the community of Maui with nutritious artisan bread that is naturally leavened and utterly delicious.

Made the way bread should be: without yeast, sugar, or dairy. Vegan.



35 Auhana Road
, HI 96753


Monday - Friday


Ty Lamar: co-owner


Our local, Maui bakery in Kihei.

– Our Bread –

[ 100% organic, naturally leavened, 48 hour fermentation, hearth baked, delicious, nutritious, locally made artisan sourdough bread ]


Hand formed 1.5 lb batards

Batard is a classic shape of bread in its own right. Available flavors:
  • Campagne - traditional rustic sourdough
  • Seeded Honey Wheat - 80% whole grain with use of sunflower, sesame, flax and pumpkin seeds
  • Sesame Semolina - semolina and traditional flour with use of white sesame seeds
  • Pumpkin Seed - our traditional bread topped with toasted pumpkin seeds
  • Levain - 60% whole grain, a more nutritious alternative to the Campagne


Hand formed 2.5 lb batards

Available upon request for wholesale.

1.5 lb boules

Boule is a bread baked in a natural bread bowl to obtain a more rounded shape. Available flavors:
  • Caraway Rye - 80% whole grain with whole rye and pumpernickel flour with toasted caraway seeds
  • Walnut-Raisin Levain - 60% whole grain, our basic levain bread with walnuts and raisins

10 ounce baguettes

Baguette is a long, thin loaf of French bread with crisp crust. Available flavors:
  • Campagne
  • Pumpkin Seed
  • Sesame Semolina


1/4 sheets focaccia

Focaccia is a flat, oven-baked bread product, similar in style and texture to pizza doughs. Available flavors:
  • Plain
  • Herb
  • Olive

Commercial 1/2 sheets focaccia

Available flavors:
  • Plain
  • Herb
  • Olive

from left: Campagne, Levain, Caraway Rye, Sesame Semolina, Seeded Honey Wheat


– Where to Find Our Bread –



Jaws Country Store

Bread delivered every other day. They also use our bread for their back of the house sandwiches.


Napili Farmers Market

Bread is available twice a week, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, from 8 am to noon.


Whole Foods

Bread delivered fresh daily, on the shelves by 10 am. They also use our bread for their back of the house sandwiches.


Kuau Store

Bread delivered every other day. They also use our bread for their back of the house sandwiches.


Hawaiian Moons Natural Foods

Bread delivered fresh daily, on the shelves by 11 am. They also use our bread for their back of the house sandwiches.


The Market Maui

Small amount of fresh bread delivered daily. They also use our bread for their back of the house sandwiches.

Our Location

35 Auhana Road
Kihei, HI 96753

From Wailea, follow South Kihei Road going West, turn RIGHT on Auhana Rd. We will be on your LEFT.

From Lahaina or Kahului, follow Maui Veterans Highway (route 311) to South Kihei Road, turn LEFT on Auhana Rd. We will be on your LEFT.

From Piilani Highway (route 31), turn RIGHT down Kanani Rd. keep right to stay on Kanani Rd. which turns into Auhana Rd. We will be on your RIGHT.

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Ty Lamar Milton


Ty has over 18+ years of professional baking experience. He has worked for top chefs and five star resorts (including the Four Seasons, Wailea) which have helped shape his career. He is extremely passionate about creating quality breads and baked goods, and managing day to day operations of the bakery.

Michael Farina


Michael is the co-owner, mentor, and soft spoken business partner. He owns various businesses across the state of Hawaii. He and Ty have paired up to become a dynamic duo dedicated to filling the void in the local market for natural, organic, artisan breads; made in Maui.

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